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Formerly A.T. Design, Corbae Creative provides effective graphic design and marketing communication solutions to businesses providing a technical product or service. Working primarily with service and technically-focused businesses, including the renewable energy industry, senior housing and care, and service-oriented firms, Corbae Creative straddles the gap between the technical expertise of a company and communicating that expertise to the public and other businesses in an understandable manner.

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What Information is Important on a Business Card?

You just came back from a convention with a stack of business cards and are looking through them. Every card is different, but they all contain similar elements, we hope.

The basic function of a business […]

What People are Saying

If you are considering a website revamp or a whole new website, you have come to the right place. I cannot say enough about the keen eye for detail, professionalism, and ability to deliver on a project. Even our major international gaming sponsor with 100 million users is complimenting the work of Corbae Creative.
Craig Lang, Co-founder and Director, BRAVO369 Flight Foundation
Always appreciate all your help and the great job you do.
Gary Baxter, Director of Sales & Marketing, Magnum Energy, Inc.
…a very talented designer I’ve worked with over the past few years. Aimee is incredibly talented and conscientious!
Glenna Wiseman, Partner, Identity3
Aimee does excellent, polished design and communication work creating high quality promotional materials. She also creates beautiful cards, invitations, and gift boxes at her new venture: Her framable and keepsake quality works of art are a pleasure to give and make an excellent impression.
Michele Graves

What’s Your Challenge?

We love a challenge. And we love to find creative and positive solutions to these challenges. So, bring us your challenge. Is it a complex message? We love those (and we even speak “Engineering-ese”). Multiple audiences? One audience, multiple messages? Just don’t know where to begin? We’d love to help.

Below, read about how we’ve helped others with their challenges and found a solution to fit the situation.

Challenge: Simplify the Complexities When Explaining a Renewable Energy System

It can be a challenge explaining the complexities of a renewable energy system without your audience glazing over at the first mention of “photovoltaics” or “inverter”. Let’s face it, these are sophisticated electrical systems and do take some electrical understanding to comprehend.