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Formerly A.T. Design, Corbae Creative provides effective graphic design and marketing communication solutions to businesses providing a technical product or service. Working primarily in the renewable energy industry, Corbae Creative straddles the gap between the technical expertise of a company and communicating that expertise to the public and other businesses in an understandable manner.

What’s Your Challenge?

We love a challenge. And we love to find creative and positive solutions to these challenges. So, bring us your challenge. Is it a complex message? We love those (and we even speak “Engineering-ese”). Multiple audiences? One audience, multiple messages? Just don’t know where to begin? We’d love to help.

Below, read about how we’ve helped others with their challenges and found a solution to fit the situation.


How to update the brand of an established company without losing its long-built identity

Bayview Retirement Community is a retirement community on lower Queen Anne in Seattle. The people who run Bayview are only […]


How to advertise an intangible benefit

[singlepic id=89 w= h= float=none] For anyone who had ever had to deal with a warranty issue for a major […]


How to Address Two Distinct Target Markets in One Catalog

“What’s an inverter?” When you think of installing solar (PV) panels, most people think of the visual solar panels and […]


Ad campaign showcasing real life situations for seniors and their families

[singlepic id=64 w= h= float=none] Client : Choice Advisory Services About: 9 ads. Choice wanted an ad campaign that could […]


Featured Project

  • Major Web Site Redesign and Overhaul

Major Web Site Redesign and Overhaul

[singlepic id=48 w= h= float=left]


Magnum Energy


This web site redesign represented a major overhaul of a product and technical information-heavy web site. The site structure […]

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Excellent, polished design

Aimee does excellent, polished design and communication work creating high quality promotional materials.

She also creates beautiful cards, invitations, and gift boxes at her new venture: Her framable and keepsake quality works of art are a pleasure to give and make an excellent impression.

Appreciate your help

Always appreciate all your help and the great job you do.

Very well done

I just saw the video you published "The Fronius Difference." It's super classy and very well done.