Challenge: Simplify the Complexities When Explaining a Renewable Energy System

It can be a challenge explaining the complexities of a renewable energy system without your audience glazing over at the first mention of “photovoltaics” or “inverter”. Let’s face it, these are sophisticated electrical systems and do take some electrical understanding to comprehend.

Challenge: How to Update the Brand of an Established Company without Losing its Long-built Identity

Bayview Retirement Community is a retirement community on lower Queen Anne in Seattle. The people who run Bayview are only rivaled by the incredible view in excellence. Bayview had been an established retirement community since 1962. In fact, their opening [...]

Challenge: How to Advertise an Intangible Benefit

For anyone who had ever had to deal with a warranty issue for a major appliance or car, you know what a challenge it can be to find the paperwork, find your warranty card, contact the company, and go through [...]

Challenge: How to Address Two Distinct Target Markets in One Catalog

"What's an inverter?" When you think of installing solar (PV) panels, most people think of the visual solar panels and don't know that there are quite a few additional components that go into converting that solar power into power your [...]

Challenge: Create an Ad Campaign to Showcase Real Life Situations for Seniors

Every story is different. Every person brings different life goals, choices, and experiences to any challenge. And making choices during senior years regarding care, living situations, and what is necessary when can be a conversation no-one wants to [...]