Corbae Creative Is a Virtual Agency

We all telecommute from our home offices. Here’s why. Agile work, telework, remote work, virtual work, call it what you like, leaving the traditional office behind and substituting technology for travel has some great benefits. Imagine freeing up over 11 days, the...

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For Solar Marketing & Design, Consistency Builds Trust

The future of solar may look positive, but the solarcoaster of recent years has diminished trust in PV, especially in the residential market. Much-hyped companies made large promises and then shifted rapidly in other directions or disappeared entirely. Driven by...

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Who is the champion of your solar brand story?

All solar brands have a story. For startups, the story may revolve around the core of why the founder started the business in the first place. The founder saw a problem and wanted to fix it. Or, the founder felt they could fix a problem in a new and innovative way....

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Leads at the Speed of Solar Marketing

Or, how your marketing strategies effect how long it takes to get solar leads. (Hint: there is no magic marketing elixir.) I love content marketing. I read more blogs and listen to more podcasts than is probably healthy. An infographic will always get my attention....

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Customer Intent: Meeting People Where They Are

You may have heard of marketing intent. What does it mean? Think about the sales funnel, going from awareness to consideration to decision to, if you’re doing your job right, brand champion. Intent combines that sales funnel with understanding what the potential...

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Brand Identity is a Process

The other evening I was watching Iron Fist. (Spoilers if you haven’t watched season two yet) There was a scene in which Joy Meecham, a conflicted, sort of evil character, tells Davos, the bad guy, that he has an image problem....

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