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What Information is Important on a Business Card?

You just came back from a convention with a stack of business cards and are looking through them. Every card is different, but they all contain similar elements, we hope. The basic function of a business card is presenting an easy way for people to take...

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CMYK and RGB Aren’t Text Shorthand are They?

Can messages yell karma? Certain mice yawn kindly. Running gazelles, beware! Raising green beans…. Sadly, CMYK and RGB aren’t text shorthand for any of the above. They are, however, shorthand for a set of colors they represent.   CMYK:...

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What is a Vector Graphic?

Vector versus Raster and why anyone asks for either. Ack! Your sign company just called and said that they need a vector file of your logo to make a banner for that tradeshow. “What’s a vector file?” you ask. They respond with, “Oh, either an E-P-S or an...

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How Many Words Fit on a Page?

What Should Be My Word Count? There are so many variables. What size page? What size type? What are the margins? Is the text justified? Do you hyphenate? Are there images? Are there other graphic elements? Single-spaced? Double-spaced? Does your copy use long words like “antidisestablishmentarianism” so common in more technical writing that take up more space? Or do you talk more about “cats” in your copy?

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What is a Stock Photo / Illustration?

Simply put, a stock photo or illustration is a photo or illustration (or soundtrack or video clip) that you purchase the rights to use in your materials (web site, brochure, poster, or email campaign). For the purposes of this post, we’ll go with “stock...

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