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Informational tips covering definitions of terms and how-tos

Help! My Website Isn’t Fast Enough!

While trying to show your website to someone important—a friend, a colleague, or even a client—you start to cringe: Your website is taking forever to load! Don’t settle for a slow website. Slow loading speeds significantly reduce traffic and undermine the hard work...

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What Your Design Team Wants When Asking for Visuals

When you are passionate about your product, you want your sales and marketing visual materials to be as effective as possible. The design team or agency creating those materials wants the same thing. Here are a few things to keep in mind when working with them to help...

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What Information is Important on a Business Card?

You just came back from a convention with a stack of business cards and are looking through them. Every card is different, but they all contain similar elements, we hope. The basic function of a business card is presenting an easy way for people to take...

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CMYK and RGB Aren’t Text Shorthand are They?

Can messages yell karma? Certain mice yawn kindly. Running gazelles, beware! Raising green beans…. Sadly, CMYK and RGB aren’t text shorthand for any of the above. They are, however, shorthand for a set of colors they represent.   CMYK:...

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